Mick Jagger and the Best Band in the World

Mick Jagger used to rent the house next door to us at the beach. The house was actually owned by Sam Wyly, who started Texas Instruments.

Being the high powered tech mogul he was, Sam wasn't there that much and he'd often rent the house out. Ryan O'Neill, Farrah Fawcett, movie stars, people like that. One day, Sam and I were playing tennis and he said to me "I'm thinking about renting the house out to Mick Jagger". I thought, "Cool".

So, he did term paper for sale. Mick was a pretty cool guy and he'd frequently hang out at our house.

One afternoon he came in through our beach entrance and it wouldn't take a Fortune teller at Renaissance Fair to know he'd had more than milk for lunch. He stumbles to a stop about four inches from the end of my nose and goes…

"Do you know who the best bloody band in the world is?"

I think. “Oh, oh, loaded question.”

He looks straight at me and says, "The Bloody Chieftains!!!"

And he was right, of course. And to this day, if you look up The Chieftains on Itunes, you'll still see Mick Jagger as an associated artist. Wow. Btw, Bono agrees!.