The Jimi Hendrix Boutique

When I was in the Paupers, we were managed by Albert Grossman, Bob Dylan's manager. Pete Townsend and a lot of people were keen on us and we'd developed a sufficiently good reputation to get a last minute spot at the Monterey Pop Festival, 1967. Monterey was the highlight of the Summer of Love, and all the big stars of the day were playing there. Jimi Hendrix came up to me right before he went on stage, looking very nervous and said... "Do I....Do I....." Then, painful pause. Me, I'm thinking of the possible wrap ups to this sentence... "Do I look stoned?" "Do I get four girls in the limo?..." Suddenly, like a little boy, he stammers out, "Do I look okay?" Well, knock me over with a loud amp. You're about to play music no one has ever heard before, light your guitar on fire, basically tear the world apart and forty years later young girls will still wear copies of your gold braided waistcoat . "Yeah, you look fine, Jimi".