The Great Song Master Class

What is a great song? What do all great songs have in common, regardless of style or genre? How do you incorporate these elements into your songs? These questions are at the heart of Adam Mitchell's "Great Song Master Class." Adam Mitchell is a top songwriter and songwriting teacher with over one hundred and fifty of his songs recorded by world-famous artists like Kiss, Chicago, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, Art Garfunkel, Olivia Newton John, and many, many more. A former Warner Bros. recording artist, his BMI award-winning work has been featured around the world in recordings, movies and TV.

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The Great Song Master Class features...

  • The five keys to improve your writing
  • The successful habits of all pro writers
  • Analysis of ten modern and classic songs
  • Finding your unique voice as a writer
  • Writing consistent logical and emotional through lines
  • How to give your writing more impact
  • Developing dramatic melody lines and chord structures
  • Songwriting as a career. The ins and outs
  • Tips and tricks that save time and tears
  • Songwriter organizations that can help boost your career
  • And much, much more...

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