Adam Recommends

Martin Logan Electrostatic Speakers

I'm a huge fan of world class audio and Martin Logan's line of electrostatic speakers certainly are worthy of that description. If you've never heard music through electrostatics, believe me, you've never really heard music. Go to their site, find a dealer in your area and check it out. You'll never listen to audio quite the same way again.

Texas Music Project

TMP is an amazing resource for anyone interested in what's hot and what's historical in Texas Music. I highly recommend it.

Bruce Kulick

I first met Bruce when I was writing with Kiss and he was playing lead guitar. A great guy and phenomenal player.  For anyone who appreciates real mastery of the instrument, you can visit Bruce at


There's a lot of cool gear out there but the jamLink is definitely the coolest I've seen in a long time. Ever get tired of driving to rehearsals? Ever wish your co-writer didn't live in Alaska? The jamLink is the answer to musicians' problems of time and distance, and it works perfectly!  Check out the video at