What artists say about Adam

  • Paul Stanley -

    "Adam Mitchell's ability to write in a diversity of styles is only possible because of his solid grasp of the fundamentals of great songwriting.

  • Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Graham Nash -

    "Working with Adam has always been an absolute pleasure.... his ability to get to the bottom of how songs are written is invaluable...Learn the art of songwriting from someone who knows how to do my powerpoint presentation ASAP"

  • Linda Ronstadt -

    "Adam's melodies are wonderfully shaped. Some of my favorite musical memories are built around sitting evening after evening working out harmonies with Adam, who also can sing like a demon."

  • Mike Reid, Grammy Winning Songwriter -

    "Adam Mitchell's song,"Out Among The Stars." is an absolutely breathtakingly, brilliant piece of work. I believe the whole world should know this song."

  • Rick Carnes, President, Songwriters Guild of America -

    "Adam Mitchell is one of those rare song writers who has a huge cult following among other song writers. I know because I am a charter member of the cult."

  • Kiss Producer Michael James Jackson -

    "Adam Mitchell is the consummate songwriter with a deep understanding of melody and song structure. I found Adam to be an invaluable asset to me as a producer."

  • Linda Septien (vocal coach for Jessica Simpson, Demi Lovato) -

    "As the owner of Septien School for Contemporary Music, a successful pop/rock/country music artist development school, we call on the best to train our students to write songs! ADAM is the guy. Not only does he have a million hits to his name, but he has patience, a plethora of ideas, and great instrument skills to knock out another hit!"

  • Rick Shlosser (drummer for Van Morrison, Rod Stewart, Whitney Houston, James Taylor and others) -

    "Adam's songs, many of which I had the privilege to play on, were always exceptional, and made me wish I had written them!"

  • Jon Christopher Davis (Texas singer songwriter and writer of hits for Billy Ray Cyrus, Dolly Parton and others) -

    "In Texas, we take songwriting seriously. Music is medicine. Meet my doctor, Adam Mitchell"

  • Bruce Kulick (lead guitar for KISS) -

    "Adam Mitchell is a total professional and his creative ability is among the best I have come across."